Makanai Cosmetics - Okamis Napkin Asakurenai 1 Pc

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Brand from Japan: Makanai Cosmetics

At the time of purchase, glue works well

Color Asakurenai Material Cotton Size Approx 600 x 600 mm Use applications as face towel, body towel, dishcloth, scarf, etc

Comes in a variety of sizes and colors, this cloth is made of a soft and highly-absorbent fabric that does not collect lint

Glue uses starch paste from sweet potato

How long is the lifetime It depends on the frequency of use, but in general it is said to get thinner and wear out

It has good skin tone and absorbability, so it can be used as a face towel

It is preeminent with water absorption and dries quickly, it is a large format usable cloth

Please use it after washing it once.